Football NSW Resources

The Football NSW website holds a number of resources such as Forms, Declaration of Leagues, Policies & Documents and Rules and Regulations. It is recommended that you source policies direct from the Football NSW website to ensure the accuracy of information. You can find resources specific to Macarthur Football Association below.

Macarthur Football Association Resources

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2021 Application to Appeal Form

2021 Fee Schedule

2021 Game Change Request Form

2021 M-League Rules

2021 MFA Forfeit Notification Procedure

2021 MFA Regrade Request Form

2021 MFA Scheduling Requests Document

2021 MFA Transfer Form

30-30 Lightning Rule

Ambulance Fact Sheet

Asthma Fact Sheet

Basic Life Support Flow Chart

Beat the Heat – Playing & Exercising in Hot Weather

Cancellation of Amateur Registration Form

Canteen & BBQ Safety Regulations

Club Canteen Safety Checklist

Club Canteen Safety Checklist

Community Club Tool Kit

Disciplinary appeal form

Facilities Information

FFA Member Protection Policy

FFA Spectator Code of Behaviour

FFA Spectator Code of Conduct

First Aid & Defibrillators

FNSW – Playing Above Age Guidelines

FNSW Ground Lighting for summer competitions & association night competitions

FNSW Lightning Safety Policy

FNSW Player Equipment Policy

FNSW Pregnancy Policy

FNSW Privacy Policy

FNSW Sale and Supply of Alcoholic Beverages

FNSW Sanction Form for all Trial/Gala Matches ​

FNSW Smoking Ban in Spectator Areas of Sports Grounds

FNSW Social Media Policy

Football NSW Liquor Licensing Information

Football NSW Personal Injury Claim Form

Football NSW Player Equipment Policy

Football NSW Smoking Policy

Goal Post Safety Policy

Grants & Funding

Heat Stress Index

Hot Weather Policy

Insurance Information

Member Protection

MFA Alcohol Policy

MFA Codes of Behaviour

MFA Competition Regulations (as at March 2021)

MFA Constitution (as adopted at SGM 17/10/2019)

MFA Discipline & Judiciary Regulations (adopted at SGM 17/10/19) ​

MFA Forfeit Notification Form

MFA Nomination Form for Management Group & Committees

MFA Relationship Chart

MFA Risk Chart

MFA Social Media Policy

Michael Hughes Foundation – Online Defibrillator Session

MiniRoos Playing Formats & Rules

MPIO Training Courses

No Smoking in Spectator Areas – Community Announcement

Playing Above Age Consent Form

Privacy Policy for MFA website

Safeguard Children (MPIO Resources)

Special Purposes Committee Hearing Procedures

Sun Safety Policy

Suspension Guidelines

Terms of Use for MFA Website

The Law relating to Photography/Video

UV Exposure and Heat Illness Guide

Working With Children Checks (WWCC)

Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)