Host a Community Coaching Course

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Football Australia Community Coaching Course for your local members. We believe that coaches can, and should, have a direct impact on the quality of the football experiences of all players that will lead to a lifelong love of and engagement in the game.

Following MFA’s survey of 2019 and 2020 registered coaches within Macarthur; time was identified as the main reason for attending a course, however many respondents also suggested they would happily complete training if it was accessible and they were made aware. As such, MFA have implemented a calendar of coaching events which can be found HERE, but also implemented the below process to streamline the process of bringing coach education opportunities to you.

As part of booking a community coaching course the club must appoint a Course Coordinator who will be the main contact between the club and MFA, and be responsible for the following duties:

  • Completing the “Host a Community Coaching Course Application Form” at least 4 weeks before the proposed course commencement date to ensure adequate lead in time and optimising the period of advertising to interested candidates,

  • Arranging dates and times for conducting the course,

  • Arranging facilities for conducting the course: i.e, venue, field, lights, parking, toilets/change rooms, etc, and ensuring there is easy access to the facilities on the day as well as taking lead of lock-up procedure on departure,

  • Ensuring there is a suitable playing area for conducting practical sessions, ensure medical provisions at the course is available at all times including ice for injuries,

  • Inform MFA and/or presenters in writing at least 3 days prior to the course of all confirmed details including venue, start time, number of participants, facilities and resources, etc,

  • Assisting the Presenter with the necessary equipment / resources for the course where suitable,

  • Promotion of the course to their local community and support the coaches to register and pay appropriate fees.

MFA and the Community Football Manager will be responsible for:

  • Providing a qualified instructor,

  • Set-up of the course on FFA’s QMS system, whereby participants must register and pay their respective fees (the MiniRoos Certificate is a free course) in advance,

  • Sharing registration details and updates with the club and the Course Coordinator,

  • Post course follow up with participants and Course Coordinator, including providing further resources, next steps and how to access their certificate,

Please note, completing the form does not automatically confirm that the course will take place. For a course to go ahead a minimum of 12 confirmed (fee-paying if applicable) participants must be registered and confirmation between the Course Coordinator and MFA’s Community Football Manager must be communicated in writing.

To apply to host a community coaching course at your club fill out the link below:

Host a Community Coaching Course Application Form