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Why Coach Development?

Better Coaches = Better Player Experience
Better Player Experience = Better Club Retention

We believe that coaches have a direct impact on quality of the football experiences of all players. Not only for skill and performance development but more importantly, to foster a lifelong love and engagement with the game for all participants.


At MFA we offer the below community courses as well as other sporadic coach development opportunities throughout the year.

MiniRoos Certificate (U6 – U8) – FREE

A 3 hour practical course for coaches of players in the Discovery Phase encouraging the coach to develop practices that are based on FUN; no coaching but organising FUN football exercises to help players build a love for the game.



Skill Training Certificate (U9 – U12) – $40

A 10-14 hour practical course for coaches of players in the Skill Acquisition Phase (SAP). In this phase the coach MUST focus on building a solid foundation of the 4 Core Skills: First Touch, Striking the Ball, Running with the Ball, 1 v 1.



Game Training Certificate (U13 – U17) – $40 

A 10-14 hour practical course for coaches of players in the Game Training Phase, with an emphasis on the development of tactical awareness, perception and decision making through a game relate approach to training.



Senior Certificates – (U17 +)

A 10-14 hour practical course for coaching of senior teams in the Performance Phase. Training focuses on solving football problems, based on match analysis.

Please note that this course is delivered in conjunction with the Game Training Certificate as it covers 11-a-side football aspects. 


  • Please see Game Training Certificate Dates.



Community Goalkeeping Course

For coaches training goalkeepers of all ages and abilities at a Grassroots and Community Level 

The Community Goalkeeper Coaching Course is a 10-12 hour course that caters for all levels of playing ability from discovery phase through to seniors and is based on engaging goalkeepers in activities that support their development through a game sense approach.


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