Winning Together: Daughters & Dads Football Success Sparks Excitement for Round Two!

D&D Camden T1

Macarthur FA is excited to announce that the Daughters & Dads Football program, hosted and delivered by Camden Falcons FC, will be back in Term 1, 2024, due to its overwhelming success in Term 3 2023.

The program is delivered by a daughter (Kaitlin) and her dad (Jonathan) and its participants have praised the welcoming and entertaining facilitators for creating an inclusive atmosphere that allows families to cherish quality moments, free from the distractions of regular life.

Jonathan Fielder from Camden Falcons FC said, “Kaitlin and I really enjoyed delivering the program. Several times while watching the Dads laughing and playing with their daughters, I remember turning to her and saying ‘How good is this?’ The Daughters and Dads themselves created a real ‘feel-good’ atmosphere during the sessions.”

The program’s goals extend beyond the football field, encouraging persistence and instilling valuable life skills. Families have applauded the gender-neutral and female empowerment aspects, and NPLW players have added a special touch to the sessions. As one participant suggested, “It was a great way to improve social skills and learn about qualities we need in everyday life.”

The Football NSW Daughters & Dads webpage highlights that the program facilitates relationship building, improves social skills, and teaches essential qualities for everyday life. Families found it to be a unique way to bond while learning and growing together.

If you’re in the Camden community, we invite you to join the program for another term of family fun, connection, and empowerment. Celebrate the success of Term 3 and don’t miss out on this opportunity to strengthen bonds, have a blast, and create lasting memories. The program starts on Friday, February 9th, at Belgenny Reserve in Camden.

Register now and be part of the Daughters & Dads Football program! Here are the registration links for daughters and dads.

Daughter’s registration link

Dad’s registration link



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