The MFA is pleased to advise that the 2023 Winter Season draws are now available for all Leagues up until 30 June 2023.

Matches scheduled from 1 July onwards will be available shortly. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we onboard our new Competition Management System, Squadi.

We share the disappointment and frustration of the Football Family with the current status of the season draws. There are several factors which have led to the delay in creating the 2023 season draw, including (but not limited to):

– Limited time to onboard the new technology and learn the system;
– Issues with Football Australia and the API between Play Football and Squadi;
– Specific developments and enhancements required that are unique to the MFA;
– The list of exceptions requested by affiliated clubs;
– Time to set-up and test system functionality; and
– Hardware issues.

We wish to reassure the Football Family that this is simply a symptom of adopting and onboarding a new system. Squadi is an end-to-end solution that serves all segments of the Football Family, including the MFA as the Competition Manager, Local Clubs, the Referees, Team Officials, and of course, Players and Parents.

The Squadi system is arguably the best Competition Management platform in the market currently and the team at World Sport Action (WSA) provide exceptional client and customer support.

Whilst we apologize for the delay in delivery the full season draw, we make absolutely no apologies for moving off the GameDay system and selecting Squadi as our Competition Management solution and are extremely confident it will serve the Football Family well for a long time to come.

All draws, results and ladders can be viewed on the Squadi app. We encourage all registered players and officials to download the Squadi app – all you’ll need to get through the 2023 Community Football Season.


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