Lynwood Park to host FA/AFC Advanced ‘C’ Licence Course

C LICENCE 2022 Promo

Macarthur FA have locked in dates to host the second Advanced ‘C’ Licence Course of 2022, as the investment in coach and player development continues to grow in the region.


Following a successful Camden based ‘C’ Licence in February 2022, Lynwood Park will play host to the advanced coaching course in preparation for the 2023 season.


Football Australia Advanced ‘C’ Licence

For coaches looking to take the next step in their journey, whether they are coaching at a grassroots club or NPL level. 

The main focus of the required coaching competency on the ‘C’ Licence is on the technical aspects of the game, which includes teaching the techniques of passing, receiving, striking the ball and running with the ball, along with defending techniques to regain possession. The required technical knowledge will be supported with an understanding of The Principles of Play and the fundamentals of coaching. Participants will be introduced to the concept of teaching behaviour in different types of practice methods as part of the education program, but also to provide insight into the ‘B’ Licence.

The minimum age to join the ‘C’ Licence is 18 years old. The ‘C’ Licence is a minimum of 60 hours in duration and may be delivered in a variety of ways to suit local conditions, with a combination of on-line and or face to face contact over a period of several weeks or months.


Day 1 – Saturday 8 Oct 2022
Day 2 – Sunday 9 Oct 2022
Day 3 – Saturday 15 Oct 2022
Day 4 – Sunday 16 Oct 2022
Day 5 – Saturday 5 Nov 2022
Day 6 – Sunday 6 Nov 2022
Day 7 – Saturday 12 Nov 2022


Coaches must apply through the below Expression of Interest Form, to which successful applicants will be asked to register directly into the course.

Expression of Interest Form


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