ADP Success Story – Georgie Wilson: Thriving Through Learning and Determination

ADP Georgie's Success Story

In the dynamic realm of Macarthur football, Georgie’s journey through the Association Development Program (ADP) stands as a testament to its transformative impact on young athletes. Georgie, having played for Gregory Hills FC for the past two years, emerged not only as a consistent performer but as a vital part of the team’s success, securing silverware in 2023 by winning the MiniRoos U10 Girls Plate and clinching a coveted spot in Macarthur Rams FC’s U11 Girls SAP team.

Enrolling to broaden her experiences and acquire new skills, Georgie’s journey is characterised by commitment, skill development, and notable achievements. In the ADP, Georgie focused on refining skills crucial to her on-field performance and beyond. Developing the art of looking up while dribbling and recognising support players became fundamental to Georgie’s success on the pitch. These adaptable skills also found practical application in her contributions to the school AFL team, underscoring the effectiveness of the program.

The influence of the MFA Development Program extended beyond technical abilities, fostering Georgie’s passion for sports and fuelling aspirations for continuous improvement. The professional environment instilled in her a desire to keep learning and getting better, shaping her into a dedicated and aspiring athlete.

Georgie’s remarkable progress resulted in a coveted spot in the Macarthur Rams U11 Girls SAP team for the 2024 season. This achievement not only marks a personal triumph for Georgie but also highlights the program’s success in nurturing talent and providing opportunities for young athletes to excel.

Amidst Georgie’s journey, one memorable moment shines brightly – “Scoring a goal against the boys at game night!” This individual achievement reflects the inclusive and challenging environment created by the program, where young athletes can flourish.

Natalie, Georgie’s mother and staunch supporter, highly recommends the MFA’s Association Development Program. Beyond skill enhancement, the program fosters camaraderie and determination. “Not only was it a great way to meet new friends, but by adding an extra night training each week really helped fine-tune her skills and showed determination to commit, which helped secure her spot into the Rams,” she shares.

Additionally, Natalie praises the success of the Girls Development Program introduced as part of the ADP at Lynwood Park. She highlights Georgie’s active choice to participate in the all-girls program, emphasising the supportive, disciplined, and fun atmosphere. The success of the all-girls program is celebrated as a brilliant initiative, providing a conducive space for young girls to learn new skills and make lasting friendships.

In the broader context of family and community, Georgie’s success is intertwined with her father’s role as the coach of her girls’ team at Gregory Hills FC. Over the past two years, they emerged as runners-up in the 2022 Grand Final and clinched the silverware in 2023, winning the MiniRoos U10 Girls Plate. This family achievement underscores the holistic impact of football on Georgie’s life.

Georgie’s journey, culminating in her acceptance into the Rams and the family’s collective success at Gregory Hills FC, symbolises the triumph of dedication, skill development, and community support fostered by the MFA and the ADP.

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