2022 MFA SAP & AYL

2022 MFA SAP & AYL Coaching EOI

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The  Skill Acquisition Program has been conducted Australia wide for a number of years now and is recognized throughout the country as the appropriate system in which to provide our young footballers opportunities to develop the 4 Core Skills (First Touch, Striking the ball, Running with the ball and 1 v 1). Should a player be selected in a S.A.P. this is what they will receive based on how many years they are in the program –

  • 1 year in SAP – Approx. 30 games and 90 training sessions
  • 2 years in SAP – Approx. 60 games and 180 training sessions
  • 3 years in SAP – Approx. 90 games and 270 training sessions
  • 4 years in SAP – Approx. 120 games and 360 training sessions

The overall aim is to provide those in the various Skill Acquisition Leagues throughout Australia with the same opportunities to develop those set of skills which will be needed for the young player when they move into Youth Football (u/13 to u/16)

The MFA Program

In our program there will be a big emphasis on the DEVELOPMENT of our players from a cognitive and technical aspect. For example, we will be constantly working on how they will solve football problems in possession-based and non – possession-based situations using any or all the 4 core skills and assessing their progression in this aspect of their development

The 4 Core Skills  

First Touch – Do they effectively control the ball so they can keep possession or set up their next move which could be a pass – shot – dribble? Do they take their first touch into space and away from the opponent? to allow themselves TIME and SPACE to DECIDE and EXECUTE the skill needed

Striking and Passing the ball – Do they pass it with accuracy? appropriate speed? Disguise? Good pass selection? – How often do they move into good supporting positions

Dribbling / Running with ball – when to dribble when not to dribble… do they dribble with their head up? Do they constantly get caught in possession (dispossessed)?

1 v 1 Attacking skills – Do they have a set of skills which allows them to produce effective moves such as feints / acceleration / change of direction to get away from an opponent

These are only a few of the areas we need to focus on to develop you as a young player but DISCIPLINE and SPORTING BEHAVIOUR are also a priority if we are to DEVELOP good players.

2020 SAP Player Profiles