Macarthur FA & Macarthur Rams Academy School Holiday Clinics Information

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Welcome to our Macarthur FA & Macarthur Rams Academy School Holiday Clinics!

This webpage provides parents with essential information about our clinics. For further questions, please contact

Arrival and Departure

Parents/guardians MUST sign their child/children IN and OUT each day. Parents are welcome to stay and watch. If someone other than a parent is handling drop-off and pick-up, please notify the clinic director in writing.

  • Drop-off time: From 30 minutes before clinic start time
  • Pick-up time: Up to 15 minutes after clinic end time

MFA staff will be signing participants in from 30 minutes before the clinic starts and will be signing children out up to 15 minutes after the clinic ends.

What to Bring

Players should bring the following:

  • Hat
  • Full drink bottle
  • Football boots
  • Shin pads (compulsory for safety)
  • Healthy lunch and snacks
  • Weather-appropriate clothing (e.g., wet weather gear)

Please note that some players may have allergies (e.g., nuts). Consider this when packing food, and note that we have a no-sharing food policy.

Additional Information

Basic first aid and sunscreen will be available throughout the day. There will also be taps for players to fill up their drink bottles. Mandatory breaks are scheduled for players to eat, re-apply sunscreen, and stay hydrated.

Participants who require medication or have any allergies must provide the clinic director with an action plan and show that the required medication is packed each day and indicate where it is kept in their bag.

Use of Your Image

Unless advised otherwise, you consent to Macarthur FA recording, photographing, publishing, and broadcasting your image. You acknowledge that copyright and all associated rights in any recording, reproduction, publication, or broadcast are owned by Macarthur FA. You consent to Macarthur FA editing, producing, amending, and adapting such recordings and agree not to enforce any moral rights you may have in such recordings.

From time to time, Macarthur FA may use your image or recording for educational or promotional materials to promote and market programs.

Wet Weather Policy

The Macarthur FA & Macarthur Rams Academy School Holiday Clinics will proceed in wet weather unless there is torrential rain, thunder, lightning, hail, or the grounds become unsafe. You are welcome to bring a rain jacket.

We look forward to seeing you at the clinics and ensuring a safe, fun, and educational experience for all participants!



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