All you need to know about the end of season festivities


Here are the key details you need to know as we head into the most exciting period of the season!

Division One Premiers PresentationsWednesday, 17 August, from 6pm onwardsWests Leagues Club, Leumeah
Women and Girls Premiers Presentation (all divisions excluding M-League)Monday, 22 August from 6pm onwardsWests Leagues Club, Leumeah
Division 2 and Below Premiers PresentationsTuesday, 23 August from 6pm onwardsWests Leagues Club, Leumeah
MiniRoos Gala DaySaturday, 27 August from 9am onwardsU6 - Tahmoor Sports Ground
U7 - Harrington Oval
U8 - TBC
U9 - Ambarvale Sports Complex
U10 - Doohan Reserve, Oran Park
U11 - Rosemeadow Sports Complex
M-League Awards CeremonyMonday, 29 August from 6:30pmWests Leagues Club, Leumeah
2022 Grand Final SeriesFrom Friday, 2 September – Sunday 11th September 2022Lynwood Park and Nott Oval

Determining the Premiers

In the event that more than one team finishes the competition on equal highest points, the Premiers will be determined as follows:

  • Most points from games played between the two teams during the season;
  • If this still doesn’t separate the teams, the Premiership is decided based on the highest goal difference from games played between the two teams during the season.

For further information regarding this, please refer to section 13 of the MFA Competition Regulations.

2022 Finals Series

The top 4 teams across each League qualify for finals.

For the avoidance of doubt, if there is a tie for fourth spot, the same rules that determine the Premier applies.

The Finals take place over three weeks, commencing immediately after the last round of the regular season:

Week One: Semi-Finals

First Semi Finals: 3 v 4

  • loser eliminated
  • winner through to preliminary final

Second Semi Final: 1 v 2

  • Loser to winner preliminary final
  • Winner through to Grand Final

Week 2: Preliminary Final

  • Winner of 3 v 4 up against the loser of 1 v 2
  • Winner off the Grand Final

Week 3: Grand Finals

  • Winner of the second semi-final vs winner of the preliminary final.

Grand Final matches will take place as follows:

O35/1Nott OvalFriday, 2 September7pm
Boys U12/1Lynwood StadiumSaturday, 3 September9am
Boys U13/1Lynwood StadiumSaturday, 3 September10:30am
Boys U14/1Lynwood StadiumSaturday, 3 September12pm
Boys U15/1Lynwood StadiumSaturday, 3 September1:45pm
M-League Men's Reserves GradeLynwood StadiumSaturday, 3 September5pm
M-League Men's First GradeLynwood StadiumSaturday, 3 September7pm
U10 PlateLynwood Field 2Saturday, 3 September9am
U10 CupLynwood Field 2Saturday, 3 September10am
U11 PlateLynwood Field 2Saturday, 3 September11am
U11 CupLynwood Field 2Saturday, 3 September12pm
Boys U16/1Lynwood StadiumSunday, 4 September9am
Boys U17/1Lynwood StadiumSunday, 4 September11am
M-League U21 ColtsLynwood StadiumSunday, 4 September1pm
President's vs RefereesLynwood StadiumSunday, 4 September3pm
O35/3Nott OvalFriday, 9 September7pm
U8 & U9 M-SAP CupLynwood StadiumSaturday, 10 September8:30am
Girls U10 Cup & PlateLynwood StadiumSaturday, 10 September10am
Girls U12/1Lynwood StadiumSaturday, 10 September11:30am
Girls U13/1Lynwood StadiumSaturday, 10 September1pm
Girls U15/1Lynwood StadiumSaturday, 10 September2:45pm
Girls U16/17/1Lynwood StadiumSaturday, 10 September4:30pm
M-League Women's First GradeLynwood StadiumSaturday, 10 September7pm
Boys U12/2Nott OvalSaturday, 10 September9am
Boys U13/2Nott OvalSaturday, 10 September10:30am
Boys U14/2Nott OvalSaturday, 10 September12pm
Boys U15/2Nott OvalSaturday, 10 September1:45pm
Boys U16/2Nott OvalSaturday, 10 September4:30pm
All Age Men's 2Nott OvalSaturday, 10 September7pm
Boys U12/3Lynwood Park Field 3Saturday, 10 September9am
Boys U12/4Lynwood Park Field 3Saturday, 10 September10:30am
Boys U13/3Lynwood Park Field 4Saturday, 10 September9am
Boys U13/4Lynwood Park Field 4Saturday, 10 September10:30am
Boys U14/3Lynwood Park Field 3Saturday, 10 September12pm
Boys U15/3Lynwood Park Field 4Saturday, 10 September12:15pm
Girls U16/17/2Lynwood StadiumSunday, 11 September9am
All Age Women 5Lynwood StadiumSunday, 11 September11am
All Age Women 4Lynwood StadiumSunday, 11 September1pm
All Age Women 3Lynwood StadiumSunday, 11 September3pm
All Age Women 2Lynwood StadiumSunday, 11 September5pm
O35/5Nott OvalSunday, 11 September9am
O35/4Nott OvalSunday, 11 September11am
O35/2Nott OvalSunday, 11 September1pm
All Age Men 4Nott OvalSunday, 11 September3pm
All Age Men 3Nott OvalSunday, 11 September5pm
All Age Men 5Lynwood Park Field 3Sunday, 11 September9am
All Age Men 6Lynwood Park Field 4Sunday, 11 September9am
All Age Men 7Lynwood Park Field 3Sunday, 11 September11am
All Age Men 8Lynwood Park Field 4Sunday, 11 September11am
All Age Men 9Lynwood Park Field 3Sunday, 11 September1pm
All Age Men 10Lynwood Park Field 4Sunday, 11 September1pm

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